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WTF? Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 03:49 pm

Currently I have a freaky feeling, and for the first time I really don't know what the cause is or what it's about.  I quite honestly do not like it one bit.  It basically feels like something is wrong or I should be somewhere worried or something, I really don't know how to describe it except that it sucks.  All I can think of that might be causing it is that maybe I'm just not as satisfied with my relationship with Mike as I would want it to be, we don't really seem to do much.  We do tend to spend too much time together too, we should probably spend more time apart.

Current Mood: confusedconfused

Nothing New Sep. 26th, 2005 @ 05:35 pm
    Today has been the same as always, I did various odds and ends at the station such as move props and equipment, work on some graphics, and whatnot.  I plan on getting my hair cut this afternoon and dying it again tomorrow.  I'm trying to find a new look, I've had the same haircut for a while now; I need to mix things up a bit.  My cousin who's the same age as me is getting married at the end of the week, I kind of wish I could have gone, I haven't seen her in ages.   I couldn't possibly imagine getting married at my age, though I suppose it's not all that uncommon really.  Quite honestly I don't have much of anything to say, I just wish it would stop raining here, it kind of puts me in blah kind of mood, and a tad irritable.
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Stolen from animate_machina Sep. 25th, 2005 @ 02:16 pm
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Sigh Sep. 25th, 2005 @ 02:11 am
Yes well not much to say here, things with Mike have been going well and the same goes for work.  I do have a busy week this coming week at work though, thursday I'll be working pretty much from 8am-11pm which will suck but at least I wont be sitting at work board out of my skull.  My brother should be leaving the Persian Gulf soon and arriving in Australia, I'm excited about getting to see him in the somewhat near future (hopefully he will get thanks giving week off).  Anyways it's been a bit of an emotional week and I am sick of Drama fest, I'm ready to put it all behind me and all that.
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No Comment Sep. 22nd, 2005 @ 04:43 pm
Things with Mike and I are mostly going well, although we just recently had a big fight. Tuesday night we ended up messing around and Mike wanted to go all the way, I however did not. He was kind of pushing the subject and I refused and we both got a little pissed off, what made me mad the most was the fact that we had already discussed the subject and I had already told him how I felt about it. We left that night on a pretty sour note and I refused to talk to him the entire day. I didn't really want to talk to anybody, but Katie had called and eventually pried it out of me. Mike had called, txted, and IMed me multiple times and I eventually called him around midnight. He came over and we talked about it. I told him why it upset me and that he needed to respect my decisions. He apologized profusely and we made up. He felt bad about it and we talked about where the lines were drawn and just basic dos and don’ts of our relationship. It took me a while to finally express how I felt; I'm not so good at the whole "talking about it" thing. I do need to improve my communication skills. Any who, when I went to the apartment for lunch today he had brought me a dozen roses and a candle, which took me by surprise. I'm glad we were able to talk the whole thing out. In other news, over the weekend, last weekend, I had visited home to see the family and my dear KT bear. It was quite nice to be back in Cinci for a little while. I played cards with my family and I had gotten to see my Grandma while she was in town. We went bike riding on Saturday and I got this crazy 3 wheeled one, it's very low to the ground and you steer using your whole body, all I can say is it's crazy cool and it gets tough to move. Saturday night I went out to a masked wrestling match with Katie and it was awesomely fun. Apparently I'm even getting put into one of the characters story lines in the near future LOL. Anywho, work has been going well, there's a lot of downtime though and my schedule is different almost every day. My brother returns to the States in early Nov. I'm glad he comes back sorta soon, I'm starting to miss him, but at least they are now leaving the Persian Gulf and are headed to Australia (he's very excited about it). I think I shall send him another box of goodies soon. There you have it, my recent life in a nutshell, if you read it all you must be a very bored person but I am appreciative.
Current Mood: draineddrained
Other entries

       Yesterday was a very very good day.  Not only did I get the job at the TV station but I also know the other co-op person I'll be working with.  Yesterday was also payday (woot, monies).  Anywho, since Mike didn't work that day when I got home he came over and we listened to music and watched stupid funny video clips online for a while.  We went over to Mike's place and made tacos and beer with his roommate Matt.  Jamie came home later and we played beer pong with him and two of jamie's friends, kelli and merissa.  We discovered that the neigbors (mike and jamie's neighbors) who moved out left the door unlocked.  Kelli and Merissa found 3 coats (which smelled like pot) and a bunch of glasses.  Anyways, Kelli and Merissa left, but Andrea and her boyfriend Tyler came home and came over and drank with us.  Mike has this 9mm air gun so we thought it would be fun to attempt to hit the target.  I wasn't too good at hitting the target, but the gun shot really high though.  By the time 11 rolled around Andrea and I went back to our apartment to change to go out clubbing ( I finally got to wear my new super hot purple tank, I was excited).  We walked to uptown (I was already fairly tipsy by then) and we went dancing.  I love to dance at clubs but it was kind of akward dancing with Mike, our rythem is kind of different so it took a little bit to get use to dancing with him.  I loved dancing with him though, it felt like it was just him and me on the dance floor, we made out several times whilst dancing.  Mike bought me my first whit russian after we danced and it was delicious (I had to drink it fast though because Andrea and Tyler wanted to go to Skybar).  Skybar was practically empty, I had another white russian and we danced for a while.  LOL I was attempting to sing (very poorly and very loudly) to alot of the songs and was very unbalanced while dancing.  We eventually decided to walk home and by then I was definately drunk so Mike and I were walking fairly slow.  When we got back we watched some tv and the guys ate ice cream.  I did cry twards the end of the night because we were watching some show about the military and it reminded me of my brother but it turned out ok.  I would defintely say yesterday was a very awesome day.

            OOoo before I forget to mention it again, on I think tuesday Mike told me he thinks he loves me.  It caught me a little of guard but I knew I wasn't ready and still am not ready to say I love him.  It's waaaaay too soon to say something like that.  So I told him the truth and told him I can't say that I love him but I do know that I really really like him and that I haven't felt this way before.  The thing is seeing as how I've never been in a relationship in even the remotest sense I don't have anything to base my feelings off of.  I mean how can you tell the differance between infatuation, puppy love, and actual love when you've never experiacnced any of them and the whole fact that I honestly have not known him that long.

» Update

Yes yes, I know I haven't posted recently but I've been quite busy and such.  However, I do need to make this post fairly simple seeing as how I should be sleeping at this moment.


  • Mike and I go put-put golfing (fun), dinner, and movie (we saw weding crashers, very funny and very good)
  • After movie we went back to his apartment and played Halo (also fun) and I met his final roomate who just moved in, Brian


  • Mike and I watched Colladeral or whatever the movie's name is (the one where the taxi driver is sorta held hostage by an assasin to take him places and kill people)
  • I had a mild crisis and went for a long drive on 75 for a couple of hours
  • Crisis solved by end of the night


  • Honestly I do not really remember anything particularly happening this day


  • I go to work and get very sick (I end up working for 15 min that day, I felt like I was going to puke all day but didn't)
  • I felt better twards the end of the day and Mike came over and watched TV with me and my roomates
  • I was also suppose to have my interview to work at the local TV station but had to postpone it


  • Again I get up and feel very ill
  • I slept almost all day and when I did finally get up @ 1pm I watched VH1 100 greatest love songs (felt like such a dork)
  • Mike came over that night and we watched Akira


  • Finally got my interview at the TV station (it went very well, i'm extreamly excited)
  • Finally got my computer back but it still had technical problems so Mike took it back to his place to work on it
  • Baked lemon squares for coworker's birthday the following day


  • Lemon squares turned out to be very tasty
  • Computer is now operational and online (yay!)
  • I now am playing World of Warcraft
  • Poor Mike is extreamly sunburned (he had day off and went golfing with one of his sisters and her husband all day and did not wear any sunblock, the guy looks like a lobster, I was a nice girlfriend and put aloe all over his burns)
  • Got paid at midnight (so technically it would be listed under friday but you get the drift)

» Most Embarising day at work
So this morning I must have shut my alarm off and turned it back on or something rather than hit snooze because this morning my roommate Katie knocks on my door, waking me up. I yell "what”, she says, "I wanted to know if you were getting up cuz it's after 8. I realize at this moment it is 8:30 "shit!" I throw on some clothes, sorta brush my hair, grab my purse and makeup bag and run out the door. I end up strolling into work 45 min late. I start scanning and when I get a free moment I take my makeup and go into the bathroom, because I have hickies on my neck (fortunately I remembered this while getting dressed and put on a turtle neck tank top) and proceed to attempt to cover them up. Later today while I was organizing some negatives at some point I fall asleep on the light table, Sebastian walks in and starts talking, I wake up "oh crap, I didn't realize I fell asleep", this is quite amusing for him, at this point I am so embarrassed I just need this workday to be over before I make more of an ass of myself. Anyways as for yesterday, I dyed my hair (dark reddish brown, I thought it would be lighter but I still kinda like it). Obviously I went over to Mike's last night as well, we did watch TV and stuff, not just make out =p. That reminds me I need some suggestions of things to go out and do with Mike, we should really get out more often. Anywho, that's the news for now see you all on Monday (my motherboard is *still* in California, it feels like I'll never get it back).
» I Cry for Not Having Coffee
Yes, this morning FLAAR employees became devastated when we realized we were out of coffee, I've been dragging all day without the boost. I was/am all sore after I woke up this morning, the left side of my back and shoulders mostly, and most surprisingly my tongue (honestly didn't think that making out could make ones tongue sore two days after the fact). Anyways, moving on to yesterday, after work I had dinner, cleaned my room a tad and had planned on going to the laundry mat. However, I had accidentally fallen asleep and when I woke up it was 8, which is when I was going to meet my friend Sebastian to work on a video. Seb called me and told me he was running and might be able to make 8:30 but would call again first. 8:30 and Seb calls again and arranges to meet at 9. I get to the art building at 9 and he did make it. We looked at video interviews that needed to be digitized and edited and went though the basics for media 100 (he was showing me, I honestly don't know much video and I'm use to working with Final Cut Pro). By the time we were done it was 11, so I went home and practically crashed on the bed, but debated on whether or not to call Mike since I only saw him for a few min when he was over fixing Andrea's computer. Mike called though, but just to drop off Andrea's keys, we were both beat. Not that exciting really. More interesting things have happened today though. I now have an interview at the local TV station on Monday for a co-op. The surprising moment of the day happened during an IM conversation w/ Mike. Here I'll copy and paste.

PcMaN83 (2:48:41 PM): they were going to get like 2 things and took about an hour
PostalGir1 (2:49:10 PM): They came back with like 50 things. Our freezer is packed.
PcMaN83 (2:49:15 PM): lol
PcMaN83 (2:49:25 PM): hey so on another subject
PcMaN83 (2:49:34 PM): do you want to have kids later in life? (This is the part where if I was drinking something I would have choked on it)
PostalGir1 (2:49:59 PM): Geez, wow. I think I do, but I honestly don't know.
PcMaN83 (2:50:33 PM): ok ya they are a big expense but worth it. I wouldn’t mind having a couple
PostalGir1 (2:50:45 PM): It's hard to look so far in the future, heck I don't even really know where I'll be working 2 months from now.
PcMaN83 (2:50:53 PM): ya i know
PcMaN83 (2:51:42 PM): is your class schedule going to be full?
PostalGir1 (2:52:50 PM): Right now I have 4 classes lined up, but I'm hoping to get a part-time co-op which would have me working 20 hours a week on top of classes.

Yea so that question was really randomly put in there and just really caught me off guard. I honestly didn't know how to react.
» Mixed Messages
Blec, I've been over thinking today and it royally sucks, hell I probably though about what the title for the post should be for 20 min (I mean I did other things but still). I think I'll set up the events of yesterday in the whole =good/=bad format. Tired during work = bad, still productive at work = good, getting to sleep for 3 hours when I got home = good, going to see Mike = good, Stepford wives movie = semi good, making out that followed = felt good, self doubt that followed next day = very very bad, getting a call of possibly getting co-op at TV station = good, feeling bad and conflicted about it due to asking to keep current job just days before = bad. Ick, I don't know so much has been going on in the back of my mind lately it's too much to handle. I've been worrying about my brother (he is in Navy and they currently are out at see and are now approximately less that 2 months away from duty destination), I'm concerned that I'm in the relationship with Mike more for the feeling than the person, I currently don't really know where I'll be working a month from now, I still owe the Bursar a shit load of money. It's just stuff piling up and its so very stressful. I think I need to take today to recharge my emotional battery.
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